Greg Lanesey's (Thirty Still Single Contemplating Suicide and his  new feature CHASING 3000) was seen at Major League Baseball's 2006 All-Star Game in Pittsburgh touting the limited release CHASING 3K tee-shirts....early rough cuts of this pic are indicating that Lanesey should be running for public office, clearly doing so much with a limited budget.....


Matt Radecki's producing RED WHITE BLACK and BLUE...............a doc on the vets who took back the remote island of ATTU during WWII...." a beautiful trib to those returnig vets."


PPFF alums Chuck Braverman (Producer, A REVOLVING DOOR) and Leslie Iwerks (Director, RECYCLED LIFE) on making the short list for the 2006 short doc Oscar consideration.


Long-time PPFF programmer Sara Jo Marks - repping Oscar short list CAN MR SMITH GET TO WASHINGTON.


Jeff Phelps' SPECIAL ED is now available on DVD at Blockbusters.


Jason Reitman's THANK YOU FOR SMOKING is now enjoying a national theatrical run.

"Reitman rises higher than a smoke cloud at an 80's disco in his feature debut...............not to be missed!  Add Aaron Eckhardt's name to best actor for this year's upcoming award season"

- Bob Sharka, Friends of Film.


Elizabeth Allen of USC's student short EYEBALL EDDIE is enjoying a nice run with AQUAMARINE in theaters today.  


Bobby Roth's BERKELEY that screened at Friends of Film Sneak Preview Series at Raleigh Studios   is working its way around the festival circuit...Ditto for Joel Bender's  KARLA that just played at the Cleveland Film Festival.....

"An absolute stunner of a film....a real conversation-starting, thought provoking, mind opening, experience...a film that'll have you feeling like you went the distance with the champ, in the end barely still standing on wobbly legs, unsure of what hit you the last 90 minutes.  Make plans for a post-screening drink or two;  you're probably going to need them."  - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film


Congrats goes out to Corinne Marrinan for her Oscar win for Norman Corwin: A Note of Triumph


Leslie Iwerks - THE HAND BEHIND THE MOUSE - is working on a feature length doc on PIXAR and recently screened RECYCLED LIFE at the San Luis Obispo Film Fest and the 2006 PPFF.

Visit her web-site,


Robert Peters who stars opposite Lou Gossett Jr. in THE WINDOW, made his directorial debut with HALF EMPTY which screened at the Park City Film Music Festival during Sundance and also screened at the 2006 Pacific Palsades Film Festival

"Peters is one of the most versatile character actors working today.  " - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Three PPFF alums - so far - have been accepted to the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.  Hubert Davis (Academy Award nominee, HARDWOOD) with Aruba*.  Jason Reitman - three-time short filmmaker at Sundance - with his feature film, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING and Greg Lanesey (30 Still Single: Contemplating Suicide) and Matt Radecki have teamed up as co-producers of the documentary "TV Junkie". 

"A wild ride that'll leave you feeling like you went fifteen rounds with the champ...and lived to tell about it!...stick Radecki's name too on the fridge as he is maturing into one of the better editors in the doc business today."  - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Deborah Koons Garcia's THE FUTURE OF FOOD is working its way around the country at local theaters....check out the web-site


Philip Zlotorynski's MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE - the CenterPiece Film at the 2005 Pacific Palisades Film Fest - made its rounds in theaters around the country and is now close to being released on DVD.

Robert Peters can be seen in the Varda Hardy's short WINDOW playing opposite Academy Award winner Lou Gossett Jr at the Oct 23, 2005 Friends of Film monthly screening series.


Patrick Shen and Greg Bennick's documentary FLIGHT FROM DEATH: THE QUEST FOR IMMORTALITY is now available on DVD.

"I'm no shrink but it made a lot of sense to me...........a film that'll have you scratching your head and taking a look in the mirror." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Ara Corbett's ROOF TO ROOF is listed in Scott Foundas' cover story "Not Showing at a Theater Near You" in LA WEEKLY (Aug 25 - Sept 1, 2005 edition) -  as one of the "exemplary American independent films from the past several years that never surfaced in the local theatres (or, in most cases, also unreleased on video)"

Mike McCaffrey's CABIN 6 will be screening at the Los Angeles Short Film Fest from Sept 6-13th

"One of the best short festivals period." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Brandon Sonnier's THE BEAT is now available for rental at all the usual spots.

"Here's a audience captivating film that had a huge festival run, with a few modest pick-up offers but has yet to find a home for the masses....with the sale of Sundance '05's HUSTLE & FLOW (a more polished rap pic, for sure) for a reported  big seven figures, a smart distributor may want to revisit Sonnier's enlightening directorial debut... if nothing else, add Sonnier to your young directors to watch, or better yet, directors to hire list.

"A gritty look at another wannabe-rapper working the L.A. scene that'll knock your socks off...the HUSTLE AND FLOW when there was just the hustle." - Bob Sharka, Freinds of Film 


PPFF programmer and recently hitched Sarah Jo Marks (

is now repping documentary films and is working on a new project,  if you have any pics of ex boyfriends standing in front of monuments...Marks also is one of the producers on the highly anticipated A COUPLE OF DAYS AND NIGHTS  to be slated at the Hollywood Film Fest this year.  She's been blogging too on her other web-site,

"SarahJo knows the in-and-outs of documentary film like few others...if you're looking for someone to rep your film, she's one of the best!" - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


UCLA Hammer museum is holding summer shorts screened at Sundance Film Fest through the years on Friday nights in Westwood, CA where PPFF alums Don Hertzfeldt, Hanna Polak and Andrzej Celinski, Juan Alejandro Ramirez, Chris Landreth among others will be screening their works.

Rick McKay is filming in Los Angeles this May for his follow-up to the smash hit, BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN AGE, which is available on DVD now.


Cindy Baer's PURGATORY HOUSE will be making it to the shelves shortly after its DVD release party on May 25, 2005 here in Los Angeles.  It recently received a PRISM AWARD nominee too.  The PRISM's are giving to those who accurately depict drugs and alcohol in film and television.


Phil Zlotorynski and Chris Gore's MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE continues its festival run at the Oxford Film Fest on Sept 10 and Rebelfest Sept 11 and San Diego Film Fest (Sept 21 - 25, 2005)...two other screenings are slated in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film center on June 11 and 16, 2005.  Film Threat also has this film making it way into the theaters this Fall (I feel a week run at the Westwood Crest maybe????, so stay tuned.

Congrats goes out to Robert Hudson and Bobby Houston - Oscar winner in the short subject documentary category for "MIGHTY TIMES: THE CHILDREN'S MARCH"

"Strap yourself in for one on the best 40 minute American History lessons to be put on tape....a must see for every high school and college student.  Check that, a must see, period." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Don Hertzfeldt's THE MEANING OF LIFE will be screening at 2005 Sundance Film Festival's Animation Spotlight Program.


Phil Dornfeld's SPELLING BEE will be screening at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival's Shorts Program One.

"An original, side-splitting short that gets more out of 16 minutes than many feature comedies.... Dornfeld goes out on a limb with this piece and not only hangs on but climbs his way to the top.....make room on your Sundance schedule for this one!" - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film


Brandon Sonnier's "The Beat" will be screening this Friday, 1/28/05 at the ArcLight theater on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles  For those of you not familiar with the movie, "The Beat" is a feature about hip-hop music as art.  It played in the Sundance film festival in 2003, and has won awards at festivals from Toronto to Florida. 
Tickets for the screening are $10 at the box office.

Goro Toshima's A HARD STRAIGHT will be screening at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival from Jan 28 - Feb 6, and at the Newport Beach Film Fest from April 21 - 30, 2005.

"GT truly captures the essence of three parolees trying to get their lives back together in this heart-felt doc." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film

Dov Kelemer's WON'T ANYBODY LISTEN, the compelling and universal true story of two brothers who left their small hometown to make it in Hollywood, Wont Anybody Listen, will be available to rent on DVD on February 22, 2005 through Netflix, the worlds largest online movie rental service.

Described as "Riveting, heart-wrenching, sometimes stabbingly funny*,"*"Rousing, richly satisfying**,"**"Required viewing***,"***the "accidental" film has been enthusiastically celebrated by mainstream movie critics.  Filmmaker Dov Kelemer's initial plan was to shoot an intimate portrait of the members of an "unsigned" rock band that could be sold at their shows.  Seven years later the project had evolved into a feature length unforgettable and eye-opening indictment of the music business. 

"Want to give up your day job to make in the music business?  Think again.  Better yet, check out Kelemer's WON'T ANYBODY LISTEN, an inside look at a local Orange County, CA band before you take the plunge or submit your letter of resignation.  Kelemer hits all the high notes (and the low ones, too) in this riveting doc, a text-book example for engaging an audience." - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film 

Leslie Neale's JUVIES will be screening in Denver, Colorado
Thursday, April 7, 2005
6:00 to 7:15 p.m.:  Meet and greet with refreshments and silent auction
7:30 to 8:35 p.m.:  Screening of film
8:40 to 9:30 p.m.:  Q&A with Director Leslie Neale and Producer Traci Odom
Price:  $25 for all; $5 for youth or $10 for adults for film and Q&A only
Purchase tickets online at:
For further information:  Mary Ellen Johnson, 720-314-1402, or

"Juvies will make you shutter, cringe, and even reach for the laptop to draft a letter to your local civil servants.  Neale inspires, bringing out the masses in this call-to-action." - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film


Aaron Weisblatt's BETWEEN TWO WORLDS screens at the Ojai Film Fest, Oct  22 and 23, 2004.


THIRTY STILL SINGLE'S Greg Lanesey one of the producers of Zerophilia - "ZERO P, as its known, is already getting some early buzz from the select few who've seen rough cuts......- Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film
Zero P will be making its World Premiere at the Breckenridge Film Festival, Sept 8 - 11, 2005 at the Breckenridge Theatre Saturday Sep 10th, 9:00 pm

"Lanesey's THIRTY STILL SINGLE is, right now anyway, resting on the shelf, waiting for the right distributor to recognize this diamond in the rough, a small picture that reaches out to all the single folks still looking for Mr/Mrs Right...and, we all know, there's thousands....." - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film


Greg Reitman, fresh off his WINE COUNTRY FILM FEST screenings of HOLLYWOOD'S MAGIC ISLAND: CATALINA, seen at this screening at the Ojai Film Festival kicking around with another PPFF veteran Josh Tickell of VEGGIE VAN VOYAGE fame.  This duo is teaming up to do a feature on Tickell's alternative transportation with Reitman producing.  


Congrats goes out to Sara Jo Marks, Pacific Palisades Film Fest Programmer, on her marriage to long-time beau Dov Kelemer - director of WON'T ANYBODY LISTEN?  "And no, this is NOT a pic about marriage, although the title fits.....," - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film"Be sure to check out this title on on NETFLIX in February, 2005."


Jordan Mechner's CHAVEZ RAVINE: A LOS ANGELES STORY also screened at INFACT.

"Ever wonder how the Los Angeles Dodgers ended up on top of this hill in L.A.??  Mechner gives us the inside poop, without the sugar-coating," - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film 


Missi Pyle, of BACHELORMAN, can be seen in "DodgeBall"


Vincent Spano's THE BETRUNNER at Palm Springs Shorts Fest

"Spano seems to getting more comfortable behind the camera as he continues to nurture his filmmaking abilities." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Katja Esson's Oscar nomination in the short documentary category for "FERRY TALES".  This film will be part of the documenatry series at UCLA.

Esson is the proverbial fly on the wall in the women's room following the girls who take the morning ferry to work in New York City...making the viewer want to join the ride; if they could get a spot! - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film   


Scott Hamilton Kennedy's "OT: OUR TOWN" Independent Spirit Award nomination

"Kennedy proves that it's not the budget that makes a winner but the storytelling ablility.  Kennedy tops the list in that category." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Mitchell Rose (ELEVATOR WORLD, HOW TO SPEAK BODY - TAPE 5, SLEEP DISORDERS FROM THE GROAT CENTER) seen at the PSIFSF with his fiance, counting the days down to their big October, 2004 day......

"The Steven Wright of short films, Rose's films are a cross between some weird dreams and a mind working some serious overtime." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film

Rose will be screening a short or two before the Friends of Film Movies in the Park series in Pacific Palisades in August, 2005.


Alice Elliot's Oscar nominated short, THE COLLECTOR OF BEDFORD STREET, at the SILVERLAKE FILM FEST along with John Dolan's THE MARTYR, recently screened at Ojai's fest, too, and Goro Toshimo's A HARD STRAIGHT


John Putch and Rodney Lee Conover's BACHELORMAN....... perhaps the biggest festival circuit smash FINALLY getting a well-deserved theatrical run in Chicago.

"When we build our screening room, BACHELORMAN is getting a one week run here in L.A." - Bob Sharka, Friends of Film


Steve Guttenberg and Pacific Palisades' very own Honorary Mayor's "PS: YOUR CAT IS DEAD" Glitter Award nomination.  Available at Blockbusters for DVD rental.  Guttenberg too was spotted giving the Movies In the Park Series folks a giant welcome in Pacific Palisades!  The "Gutes", wrapped production on "A CHRISTMAS ROMANCE" and is now in South America shooting Poseidon Adventure II, directed by BACHELORMAN's John Putch

"Guttenberg's Christmas movie, SINGLE SANTA SEEKS MRS CLAUS finds THE GUTES in familiar territory, looking for love.....a very touching love story with good 'ole Saint Nick" - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film.


Ray McKinnon, Walton Goggins CHRYSTAL finished its Sundance Film Festival run.  Gotta wonder, will the public ever get to see this fabulous pic?  Open invite, by the way, for our monthly screenings.

UPDATE: CHRYSTAL will be screening at AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival on Nov 12th.  "I see this picture getting some nods at the IFP Independent Spirit Awards this year," - Bob Sharka of Friends of Film.  "So much for critic's picks.........I'm STILL looking for something to happen with this picture."

UPDATE PART DIEUX:  Just read CHRYSTAL will be making its long-overdue theatrical debut sometime this year.

Kelly Duane's MONUMENTAL: DAVID BROWER'S FIGHT FOR WILD AMERICA  nomination for the 14th annual Environmental Media Awards on Nov 17th.  They'll be honoring Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson.

Robert Peters can be seen in Rob Meltzer's short film, I AM STAMOS alongside, you guessed it, John Stamos.

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