Los Angeles Times' Film Critic Kenneth Turan introduces us to the numerous films that, for one reason or another, do NOT make it to your local theater.  If they do most only have a quick run but - for most of us anyway -  we can still catch them on video/dvd.


"A must read for anyone who really likes the small films that we often don't get a chance to see on the big screen.  Turan sorts through the myriad of indies to allow the Average Joe with a day job to still catch the sleepers." - Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film




"Whether you're a film lover or filmmaker or just want to keep track of the tons of festivals around today, this book is for you.  Gore offfers tips, tricks, all the inside-poop for navigating the complex world of film fests..... Nobody knows the film festival circuit better than Chris Gore.  End of Story......."

Bob Sharka, Friends of Film



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