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Friends Of Film Advance Screening Series

Bob Sharka is programming a series of SNEAK PEEKS
starting May, 2014 at the Dick Clark Screening Room in Santa Monica.

Tickets for the series are $100

Popcorn/Parking provided


Two screenings scheduled already

Saturday, May 3,  Noon

Dick Clark Screening Room
Lantana Building
2900 Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Adopting a child means undergoing rigorous assessment marked by bureaucracy, paperwork and often, an outlay of cash.  Filmmakers Michael Dudko and Olga Rudnieva ask themselves if they are fit for parenthood after they personally witness Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s failure to adopt.  Their investigation of the regulations, cultural prejudices, and child trafficking policies behind the process takes them from the slums of Ukraine, through China, and the US.  They speak with prospective parents, social workers, lawyers, psychologists, and adoption agencies to find a flawed system that allows millions of orphans to languish in foster care and learn that children lack the most basic human rights.  www.kidsrightsdocumentary.com

Title courtesy of Cinema Libre Studio.

Check out their website for one of the best distributors for independent film www.CinemaLibreStudio.com


Saturday, May 3,  2:30pm

Special Screening of South East European Film Festival
Dick Clark Screening Room
Lantana Building
2900 Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404


Director: Nevio Marasović
Producers: Nevio Marasović, Danijel Pek
Genre: comedy/drama
Running Time: 80 minutes
Country: Croatia
Language: Croatian
Subtitles: English

Set mostly on the remote island of Vis, the story is about a director who plans to make a movie who travels with his lead actor to the island to work on the screenplay.

But each young man first has his own personal baggage to contend with.

Deadpan humor and top notch cast at crisp 80 minutes give credit to helmer Marasović, a young Croatian director to watch.

Check out their web-site www.SeeFilmLA.org/program

Now accepting submissions for pre-releases, and films looking for distribution, for our June/July/August dates...

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Congrats goes out to
for its Oscar® Nomination 
screened on Nov. 24, 2013 at Friends Of Film Foreign Oscar® Submission Series

Bob Sharka programs the Friends Of Film Award-Season Series
Drop him a note if you'd like to attend or screen your film

Friends Of Film welcomes award winning filmmaker Michael Stevens for a one-screening-only of

HERBLOCK: The Black and The White
Sunday, October 20th, 2014

Santa Monica 4-Plex

1332 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA

Look for HERBLOCK: The Black and the White on HBO starting Monday, Jan 27th and ON DEMAND



Directed by Michael Stevens

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